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Augmented Reality (AR) – A Quickly Growing New Age Technology

Augmented Virtual Reality Video


Augmented Reality (AR) gives a live view of a physical, real world environment whose elements augmented by computer generated input like sound, video, information, graphics, or GPS data. This AR technology is closer to the real world. Augmented reality is varying the way we view the world. AR technology is growing quickly and some of the fields such as a Education, Training, Entertainment, Medicine and Real estate already adapted this technology Augmented Reality Apps work on smartphones, tablets, Television and smart glasses to create interactive experiences using particular software.

See some of the usage of Augmented Reality:

AR Technology is most used for Real Estate industry now days.This technology is also used for industrial maintenance.Facility for education, Training and many more.Stimulate Brand Recognition with Social Augmented Reality Games.Elevate location-based services to new dimensions with mobile AR system.

Hand Tracking Augmented Reality
Yantram 3D Animation Studio Team is having experienced and highly-qualified AR Programmers for Augmented Reality Application Development who got die hard passion to create the best app for the brand which flourishes across the world.


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